Finally...An invitation to look inside how I structure my five-figure a month internet marketing business...

...without relying on launches or JV partners, and how I've automated most of my business allowing me to now sell software, apps, plugins, niche websites, offline marketing, consulting, coaching, site flipping and affiliate marketing...

...without knowing a thing about them...


Tony Shepherd here....

You’re busy I know, so thanks for taking the time to read this...


Because What I’m About To Show You Could End Your Days Of Being Overwhelmed, Frustrated And Confused About Creating An Online Business Forever…

Yes I know you've heard this before, but take just a couple of minutes to read why this might be different

I know that there are internet marketers out there whom you follow and respect – there are for me too – but I need to tell you something.

It’s likely that most of these marketers have only been showing you how they think you should structure your online business, but not how they actually do it themselves.

And with your permission, I’d like to show you what I think you really need to see, and have done for quite a while now


How A REAL And Successful Six Figure Internet Marketing Business Actually Works!



Yes, I’m talking about my own business.

First of all could I ask you to put aside (just for ten minutes) your natural skepticism about how it’s possible to build an online business that can bring you five-figures a month working less time than you do in your day job or current business?

Think about this...

You ever had a windfall by selling property or shares or winning at gambling, or maybe you just got lucky in some other way and money just fell into your lap?

Remember that feeling?



Then You Already Know It’s Possible To Bring Money Into Your Life In Easier Ways Than Working 40 Hours A Week Right?



And it gets better

To start with you don’t need much extra money to change your life.

My life became ABR (Amazing Beyond Recognition) when I simply earned enough online to replace my salary. I think it was only around £1,800 and I did it using the ‘core’ model that you’re going to see when you get inside this report

In fact, that single ‘core module’ is still at the heart of my online business and it’s one of the main things I want to show you...

...because (sorry to sound big-headed) that amount of money is just pocket change to me now.

But it was Life-Changing pocket money when I needed it most

Because it freed up enough of my time to allow me to think, generate ideas and work on my business, and that was the priceless.


I'll Show You How You Can Set Up The Same Life-Changing Cash Injection For Yourself Too


Why would I do that?

Well if you’ve read any of my newsletters, my blog or my emails you’ll know that I live what I always describe as a blessed life, enjoying the really simple things in life....

....such as spending time with my family, planting spuds, taking long holidays where I can sail, walk and look for crabs with my kids, share a bottle of wine over dinner with my wife and just generally enjoy life

Doesn’t have to be on holiday either, that kind of sums up my home life too except for the crabs J

But it also means I know what the other side is like, and I'm offering to help if you'll let me


I’m Offering You A Glimpse Into How I Put My IM Business Together And How It Works To Bring Me A Healthy Six-Figure A Year Income


Why would you want to look inside my business?

Well this is my reality and I’d like it to become yours too:

Unlike many internet marketers I don’t need to do launches every few weeks to pay the bills and yet I earn six figures a year from home

Most of my business is automated, although sometimes perhaps not in a way that you’d expect, and I choose the hours I work


I’m no ‘one-trick Pony’ – I make money from plugins, offline marketing, apps, niche websites, email marketing, PPC, passive income blogs, coaching, consulting and software…and I knew almost NOTHING about most of these niches when I started making good money from them

Most of my regular five figure monthly income is in the form of recurring payments, which means I know it’s coming so don’t have to worry about paying the bills next month or next year

Oh yes - and most of the above is pretty much hands-free


I’m also a regular on launch leaderboards and was one of the TOP TEN affiliates on JVZOO last time they ran a competition

Yet you rarely (if ever) see me do product launches

I attend ‘invitation-only’ VIP marketing events and among my IM mates are some of the most successful and well-known UK marketers (and quite a few non-UK too)

In fact one of my friends remarked some years back that I get invited to these events because everyone is trying to work out ‘how the f*ck’ I make my money!


I rarely ask my contacts to promote my products, because I don’t need to. I have devised ‘in house’ methods of selling that mean I don’t need to rely on affiliates (although I have them) or launches to sell my products and services

But in fact if I called in all the favours from people whose products I’ve successfully promoted over the years I could put together a massive launch.

I'm owed a LOT of favours...I just don't need to call them in

The reason is I don’t especially like launches – too stressful – and I’d rather spend my time enjoying life


What else do I need to tell you?

Oh yes – my IM business is structured so that by FAR my main role is just about coming up with ideas and ‘trying stuff out’

It took me a long time to realise that I’m an ideas man, and a bit longer than that to actually structure my biz so it was sufficiently hands-free that I could chill out and take the ideas role

I have a small team of outsourcers (they pay for themselves as I show you in this report) and have business partners, software and automated sites so it all pretty much runs itself on a day to day basis

(I show you how it all works in my report)

I also consult with other businesses and love working personally with my VIP clients.

Most of the different parts of my business are stand-alone and self-sufficient which means I can easily 'bolt on' the successful methods I find when I ‘try stuff’ and can cut loose (or flip) anything I’m not enjoying


In This Never-Before-Released Report I’ll Show You Everything I’ve Just Mentioned Plus A LOT More.


I’ll show you an alternative way of doing things rather than jumping into the same ‘launch cycle trap’ that most marketers think is the only way to do things

We’re talking automated sales funnels, residual income from ALL sorts of add-on businesses, partnerships, and email marketing techniques that most marketers have never even heard of let alone tried... I’ll also share my thoughts about the continuity income that lets you breathe a sigh of relief because you don’t have to worry where next month’s income is coming from


But Perhaps Best Of All, How You Only Need To Set Up A Small Piece Of Your IM Biz To Become Free Of Your 9-5. I’ll Show You How It Works In My Setup.


I’ll hand the controls over to you now....

If you’d like to get a copy of ‘My IM Business’ and see for yourself how I set up a business that changed my life, read the things I’ve never revealed before and then cherry pick the parts that YOU would like to set up for yourself…

…and at the same time free yourself up from the ‘launch model’ approach to internet marketing that so many marketers think is the only way (it isn’t)…

Then use the button below to purchase and get immediate access


Inside My Five Figures A Month IM Business 

  Price is in GBP (approx $14.80)

I’m Assuming You’re Serious About Wanting A Debt-Free And Prosperous Retirement?


Well I'm sorry but I can’t promise that and would be unethical of me to do so…

But what I AM promising you is access inside a business that took me a long time and lot of mistakes to build and now gives me a lifestyle that most people can only dream about IF they know it exists at all

Perhaps most importantly is that apart from seeing where my income is generated, you WILL be also viewing the central core of my business that actually took me out of my 9-5 job (and I’ll show you how to set it up for yourself)....

...and you WILL be seeing how I put the whole thing together so I have more free time than most people could ever imagne while earning more in a month than I used to in an entire YEAR

I’ve taken up too much of your time, it’s time to decide....


Is It Finally Time To Start Changing Things For Yourself?


Most people stay trapped where they are because they sit around and complain yet do nothing to change their situation

You have my respect because you took the time to read what I have to say to you.... you'll notice that this isn't a 'sound bite' type page with colourful bullet points and no-brainer diagrams

No - this took some time to read so let me congratulate you for doing so...’ve already started to take action. That deserves respect.

I hope we’ll speak soon

With sincerity,


Tony Shepherd

Here’s my personal email address, and feel free to use it:


P.S. This is basically the same information I use with my $12,000 VIP coaching clients when I’m consulting on their online businesses and it gets results

P.P.S. The main thing that money gives you is freedom. If you don’t have financial self-sufficiency then someone else controls your freedom, your time, and in essence, your life

With your permission I’d like to see if I could help you change that....starting now


Inside My Five Figures A Month IM Business

Price is in GBP (approx $14.80)


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